It’s summertime and we need to pay attention to our cats susceptibility to hot days.  Cats are more likely to be adversely affected by the heat than humans.  We humans have a good system to get rid of heat by sweating.  Cats do not sweat and they have a full coat of fur on at all times.    Therefore, their bodies have a very inefficient system to get rid of excess heat.

If your cats body temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit, then he is technically in heatstroke and body cells begin to die.  Symptoms to watch for include, rapid shallow panting, dry mouth and nose, trouble standing, walking, unable to maintain balance and shaky legs.  A cat can appear normal and healthy one minute and then in a matter of a few minutes collapse into trouble.  The onset of heat related problems can occur quickly.

Never leave your cat in a vehicle with the windows up.  This is the number one culprit in heatstroke for cats.  Make sure that your cat has access to water for drinking. It is a good idea to have more than one water bowl in the yard and house for him to use.   Also, you need to provide access to the interior of your home where it is cool.

If you suspect that your cat has become too hot and may be experiencing heatstroke, cool him immediately.  Get him inside and provide small amounts of water to drink.  If you give too much water he may vomit.  Wrap wet towels around him.  Call your vet and take him in as soon as possible.

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